Historic Centennial Neighborhood Association

   The Historic Centennial Neighborhood Association is an organization of individuals who are concerned about the future of the Centennial Neighborhood Historic District. The purpose of this association is to interest residents, property owners, public agencies, institutions, and businesses in rejuvenating and beautifying the area. The association meets several times throughout the year and sponsors special events each year such as neighborhood block parties and tours.

Association Leaders

President:   Tim Vanderkleed  
Vice President:   Bill Bray  
Secretary/Membership:   Barbara Dixon  
Assistant to Secretary:   Catherine Hill  
Treasurer:   Angie Palikaris  

Association Members

Allegro Violin Shop
Andrew and Sarah Antonio
Wayne Applegate and Dick Nagel
Tom and Mary Arth
Steve Belter*
Berry's Camera Shop (Dawn Ross)
Tammy and Bill Bray*
Kevin (Catfish) Bryan
William Burns
Ron and Marlene Campbell
Ed Chosnek
Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette
Marilyn and Jim Dammon
Brian Dekker
Barbara and Paul Dixon
Buster and Kimba Dunsmore
Fiber Hotel, LLC
First Baptist Church*
First Christian Church
Stewart Frescas
James Garrison
Shirley and Jack Gerhart
Nancy Hendricks
Phyllis and Michael O. Hunt
Indiana Dateline Corporation
Jane's Gourmet Deli & Catering*
Liz Maleski and David Johnson
Garrett Kaste
King's Manor, LLC (Julie Ginn)
Klemme & Co., CPAs
Rep. Sheila and Vic Klinker
Kathy L. Kyte
Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association
Lafayette Urban Ministry
Sandy and Dave Lahr
Lyons Alignment and Auto Repair (Ron Lyons)*
William M. Meiners*
JK Nutt
Angela Palikaris
Raymer Apartments (David and Linda Raymer)
Rob and Amanda Reason
Jane Rinehart, LLC
William B. Risk, DDS*
Torbert and Katie Rocheford*
Loren W. Schroeder
Jim and Bea Smith
St. Boniface Church (Fr. Tim Alkire)*
St. Boniface School (Sr. Lenore Schwartz)
St. John's Episcopal Church
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
Triple R, LLC (Jeff Rider, Steve Rider)*
William Uerkwitz*
Erin and Timothy Vanderkleed
Wintek Corporation
*Donation in addition to membership

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