A Photo Inventory of Structures in
Historic Centennial Neighborhood

Click here if you would like to see a street-by-street listing of structures.

The map below of the Historic Centennial Neighborhood is a Clickable Map. Select any structure of interest to you and simply click on its street number. This will bring up a page of detailed information about that structure.

The map has been made large to ensure clarity. Depending upon the browser you are using, you may have to use the side and bottom scroll bars to move around in the map. On some browsers (notably Safari on the iPad and iPhone) you can simply slide the map itself left and right and up and down. On some browsers the map is resizable using the "pinch" or "spread" techniques. You can touch the screen with two fingers and pinch the fingers together to make the map smaller. You can touch the screen with two fingers and spread the fingers apart to make the map larger.

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