Central Fire Station
317 North 4th St.
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317 4th
Photograph from the Journal and Courier

317 4th
Watercolor painting by architect Walter Scholer Sr.

317 4th


   Built in 1910, demolished in the 1960's

   Some dates from history
   August, 1909: Work began on Central Fire Station near Fourth and North streets. Spring 1911: June 24, 1910: The Lafayette Fire Department occupied the new Central Station.
   Spring 1911: Lafayette tested a motorized firetruck on hills and turns. Housed at the Central Station and in use from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the machine was painted red, 14 feet long, and carried chemicals, two ladders, axes and 1,200 feet of hose. It overturned on May 5 during a demonstration with a few city officials aboard at Fourth and South, and the City delayed purchasing a motorized truck until
   Jan. 22, 1912. May 4, 1912: Lafayette bought and put into service a motorized ambulance/police car from Central Fire Station. Police operated the green painted truck marked "City Service."

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