Peirce - Byers - McIlwain House
416 North 7th St.
Lot :: 36' N side of Lot #91 in Bartholomew and Davis Addition
Key :: 156-06100-0062

416 7th 416 7th


   This lovely Italianate home was built by Oliver W. Peirce in the 1870's. He was the founder of O. W. Peirce and Co., at one time, a leading retail grocery outlet in the U.S. Peirce sold the residence in 1891. Parker Byers was a world famous billiards player and proprietor of a saloon/billiard parlor/tasting room in the downtown area. Parker's wife Sarah lived here from 1893 to 1939.

   The back yard of the property used to extend to sixth street. The interior features four fireplaces, leaded glass transoms, and brass hardware. The house shows remnants of five different heating systems: fireplaces, steam, coal, oil, and hot water.

   Robert and Joan McIlwain have restored this to a single family residence. The home was awarded the Tippecanoe County Historical Association preservation award in 1983, a Wabash Valley Trust Plaque on Oct 23, 1991 and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was featured on a TCHA tour on May 17, 1986 and a CNA walking tour September 16, 1979.

   Before 1897, the address for this property was 47 N. 7th.

416 7th

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