House; Italianate
418 North 6th St.
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418 6th 418 6th


   This Italianate style house is a two story masonry structure with limestone lintels and sills. This structure was built about 1870 and the apartment building next door appears to share a common wall with this house. The property is owned by Tim Reiss and Julie Ginn.

   During the summer of 1999, the front porch was rebuilt, the exterior details repainted, and interior renovations undertaken. The owners have decided to allow the paint to weather off the brick.

   The owners of this home received the Pride of Centennial neighborhood award on May 21, 2000 for their restoration.

   As you can see from the photo taken in 2004, the owners decided to strip the paint from the brick after all. Wow, what a difference that made!

Centennial Home