Morrison - Hovey / Dickman House
420 - 422 North 7th St.
Lot #92 in Bartholomew and Davis Addition
Key :: 156-06100-0073

420 - 422 7th 420 - 422 7th


   This vernacular Federal style town house was built in 1856 by Richard H. Eldridge, a retail druggist. It was occupied by Dr. John Morrison from 1910 to 1957. Dr. Morrison was one of Lafayette's early obstetricians, and his wife Minnie received the duplex as a wedding gift from her father Mr. Blackstock.

   Originally a Greek Revival Style home, the pitched roof and porches were added tbout 1910 - 1915. It is thought that the northernmost townhouse originally faced Brown street. Each townhouse has three bedrooms, a full basement, and original walnut staircase, woodwork, and wainscoting. Extensive interior renovation has been done by the current owners Dorothy Hovey and Elmer Dickman.

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