Centennial School
501 North 6th St.
Lot :: #83 & #84 in Bartholomew and Davis' Addition
Key ::

501 6th


    Contract awarded to Elias Max - April 28, 1876 - $26,425.00
    Architects - Melton and Alexander
    Completion Date - November 1, 1876
    Named for Centennial year of American Independence

   Centennial School, a two story building with a seating capacity for 600 students, was erected in place of the old Central building. In the fall of 1875, the old Central building was pronounced unfit for use. In May of 1876 the old Central School building was torn down and construction begun on Centennial School.

   Principal of the 1899/90 school year was Miss R. Katherine Beeson

501 6th Class
1935 Miss Foltz's 7th Grade Class Photo

Centennial Home