Hart - Beasley - Hunt House
602 North 5th St.
Lot :: #53 in Bartholomew and Davis' Addition
Key ::

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   This Greek Revival gem was built ca.1846 probably by David Hopwood the owner. He purchased the lot in 1844. Hopwood and his family were listed as living in the house in the 1850 Census. The Census identified David Hopwood as a carpenter having been born in Maryland. His profession and place of origin may partially explain the extensive use of architectural detail in the structure. The Beasley family owned the house for the last third of the 19th century. The house had been divided into small one-room apartments during the Great Depression and was home to over fifteen people at one time. After years as a rental, the house had fallen into disrepair. Michael O. and Phyllis J. Hunt purchased the house in June of 1993 and restored it to its former glory; it is their home. It has received a Tippecanoe County Historical Association award and a Wabash Valley Trust plaque and the Trust's Silk Purse Award. It also is listed in the Indiana Registry of Historic Sites and Structures.

   The house was brought back to a sound condition structurally, and both the interior and exterior were returned as faithfully as possible to the original 1846 appearance. The home features modern conveniences that blend well with its historical character, such as the custom kitchen with cherry cabinets.

   As you approach the house, please note its most distinguishing feature: the Greek Revival portico supported by two Doric columns with pilasters enclosing the doorframe and its sidelights. The heavy entablature, pilasters, and Greek key woodwork surrounding the windows on both the interior and exterior are common elements of this style.

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