Oppenheimer House; Queen Anne
604 North 6th St.
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604 6th


   This house was originally built prior to 1863, probably in 1860. It is listed as being owned by S. T. Wilson on a 1863 map. The current roof was added in the 1880's, at which time several porches and balconies were added. The porches and balconies have since been removed, probably by the YWCA. This home is featured in "A Glimpse of La Fayette, Ind.", a publication of 1890 in the collection of the Tippecanoe County Historic Association.

   This beautiful home, known by many as the Oppenheimer house, has been in the possesion of the Y.W.C.A for many years. The estate of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Oppenhiemer left the house to the Y.W.C.A in 1935. It is believed that the Oppenheimers bought the home from the Wilson family.

   Originally, the home had a flat roof and a cupula. The addition to the north was built in 1954. The property is bounded on two sides by a distinctive iron fence. The property originally included a large garden area to the north which included a large fountain filled with goldfish surrounded by iris flowers and six pear trees.

   Before 1897, the address of this property was 66 N 6th.

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