Handley House
612 - 614 Ferry St.
Lot :: 26' Lot #3 + 26' Lot #3 in Piefer and Spencer's Addition
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612 - 614 Ferry 612 - 614 Ferry


   612-614 Ferry Street was originally part of a ten acre tract donated in 1826 to Tippecanoe County by Samuel Sargent. Mr. Sargent had purchased the land the previous year from William Digby who founded Lafayette in 1825.

   Improvements were made on the property between 1872-1879 during the ownership of William and David Handley. This structure was built as two single family residences and shares a common wall down the middle of the building. Over the succeeding century numerous modifications were made to the building. When it was acquired by the Wabash Valley Trust in 1981, 612 was divided into 7 dwelling units. 614, being less altered, contained two units. Although structurally sound, both the exterior and interior of the building were in poor condition.

   New interior plans provided for two flats on each side of the house. Original trim, sash, doors, flooring and ceiling heights were retained. New kitchens, baths and closets in the bedroom areas were provided. New storm windows and attic insulation provided enough energy conservation to allow the installation of heat pumps and air conditioning.

   The renovation was accomplished with assistance from Lafayette's City Redevelopment/Community Development program. Because of the poor condition, this renovation was deemed infeasible for the private sector to undertake alone. In the end, the City and the Trust agreed upon a strategy of a limited partnership with the Trust as the general partner and the Lafayette Redevelopment Commission whose Director at the time, Dan Fogerty, was Project Architect and Construction Supervisor. The Indiana Landmarks Foundation, loaned money at favorable terms for purchase of the house.

   This beautiful house is subdivided into 4 condos. Three are owned by Thomas Borie and one by James C. & Sherry Matern.

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