Raymer Historic Apartments
616 Ferry St.
Lot :: 31' x 126' Unplatted
Key :: 156-06100-0612

616 Ferry


   This all wood Italianate Victorian Style Row house is located on the noted Ferry Street in downtown Lafayette. This home was originally built as a single family home around 1880. Through the years and spanning several ownership's, the home became a five unit apartment building which had greatly deteriorated through the years. With the assistance of the community development department of Lafayette the previous owner wisely invested major funds into this building's total restoration in 1986. The actual supervision and overseeing of the project was conducted by Mr. Raymer at that time. The completed project was considered a success. The City's Community Development Department, local neighbors and the Centennial Neighborhood Association were very grateful for the home's salvation. The completed renovation resulted in three two-bedroom and one efficiency apartment in the home.

   Unfortunately many of the original interior features of the home were lost through the years of deterioration. However, the original front entry doors were located in the dilapidated garage. The doors were restored and reinstalled. Also, the upstairs front two bedroom apartment still has retained the original etched marble fireplace mantle. The original front entry staircase was also missing. An entire oak staircase was salvaged from a farmhouse in Illinois which was being demolished. This beautiful oak stairworks were used as the new entry stairway in this project. The saved entry stairs greatly enhances the charm and beauty of the common foyer to the front apartments.


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