Fried House; Italianate
622 North 6th St.
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622 6th


   This Italianate home was built in 1870. The structure is a two story masonry with decorative brackets, limestone window lintels and sills. The home was owned by Andrew and Yetta Fried for many years. Andrew was the manager of Western Union and they lived in the home until the 1950's In the parking lot between the home and the Reading Academy, there used to be a large fountain filled with goldfish. The fountain was circled with iris, and there were six pear trees in the area. The Fried home is now owned by the Y.W.C.A

   In 1911/12, Charles F. King, manager of King Sewing Machine and Bicycle Co and Secretary Treasurer of the St. Nicholas Hotel made his residence here. He also boarded here in 1907.

Centennial Home