House; Gable-front
626 North 8th St.
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626 8th 626 8th


   Previously owned by St. James Church, this Greek Revival home has been purchased by Douglas J. Reed (May 17, 2002) and is undergoing renovation to be his residence.

   This was the location of Historic Centennial Neighborhood Associations, "Neighbors helping Neighbors" annual event. June 8th 2002, from 9:30 am until lunch, the association met with other volunteers to give Doug a hand with long neglected yard work and other assistance.

626 8th

   As you can see from the photo above, work is progressing on this project. In 2002 a new roof was installed on the home. Also completed in 2002 was the complete restoration of the original front door. Originally the door had two glass panes divided by wood. Over the years, that piece of wood had been removed and a single sheet of glass installed. A wood divider was fabricated from poplar to match the door material and double glass panes were installed. In 2003 painting and restoration began on the wood siding however, the painter fell from a ladder on another project and broke his thumb preventing the completion of the front restoration that year. Also in 2003 a new heating and cooling system was installed and the first floor bathroom was mostly completed.

Centennial Home