Levering House; Second Empire
634 - 636 North 6th St.
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634 - 636 6th 634 - 636 6th


   This 1863 three story Second Empire style house was built by Abraham Levering (1836-?), a prominent, wealthy businessman, who owned a hat shop on the downtown square. This family owned the home until 1927. The porch was added about 1900 and the second level of the porch was added later, probably when the house was converted to apartments. The Levering's daughter married Frank Cary. When the couple's young son died, Cary Quad, Cary Home, and Cary Camp were established by the family in his honor. An addition was made to the home in 1920 and shortly after, the house was made into four apartments.

   In the 1940's a new owner turned the house and carriage house into eleven apartments. In 1987, Larry and Patty Bruinsma and their sons purchased the property and began restoring the apartments. Presently nine units are finished. The owners plan to convert the carriage house into garages for the apartments.

   Before 1897, the address of this property was 99 N 6th.

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