Albert A. Wells Memorial Library
638 North St.
Lot :: #89, #90 and 90' S side Lot #91 in Bartholomew and Davis Addition
Key :: 156-06100-0051

638 North 638 North


   On the 10th day of Jun, 1926, Dr. Albert Ayres Wells and Ellen Powell Wells, his wire, former residents of the City of Lafayette and now residents of the City of Indianapolis, made a gift to the City of Lafayette in the form of a modern library. The value of the gift to approximate the sum of $100,000.00. The library waas to be known as the Albert A. Wells Memorial Library. Mr. Wells was one of the partners in Wells Yeager Best Drugs.

   On July 23, 1926, Walter Scholer, Architect, was authorized and directed to draw plans and specifications for the Wells Memorial Library keeping in mind the use of furniture and equipment now in the present Library and also in keeping with the new building. In 1927, the Lafayette library moved into the finished building.

   The library recieved a Tippecanoe County Historic Association Founder's Day award on May 25, 1973. The library has also been plaqued by the Wabash Valley Trust for Historic Preservation. The library is now the home of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

638 North


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