Emerson House; Italianate
710 Brown St.
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   This house is an outstanding example of the Italianate style of architecture and was built in 1869. The house was owned Thomas Peach Emerson, a jeweler, and subsequently his widow until 1897. From that time through 1976, there were 11 different owners. In 1976, it was purchased by Dominium, Inc. for use as law offices for Dibble, Bullard & Bartlett. The structure has undergone extensive exterior restoration. Alumninum awnings and a side porch were removed. Water damaged architectural features were repaired or replaced. Many interior features, such as, large front doors, the curved walnut staircase, a cast iron fireplace, decorative plaster moldings and ceiling medallions have been restored or refurbished. The current principals of Dominium Inc. are Margret G. Robb and Joseph D. Bartlett, Pres.

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