Jones - Carnahan House
729 Brown St.
729 Brown

   Mark Jones, a district court judge and civic leader built this magnificent Greek Revival style house in 1849. The original grounds extended from Brown to North street and contained a carriage house, stable, and a milk house. Originally, the house was heated with fireplaces. The house features 18 inch thick walls and a full basement. In 1863, desiring a home of more modest proportions, Mr. Jones moved to North street where he lived until his death in 1891.

   Sarah and Augustus Carnahan bought the home and added the East wing. The cornice brackets, door hood and porches were added by the Carnahans as well c. 1873. Mr. Carnahan was president of Lafayette Savings Bank from 1889 to 1903 when he died.

   The home is currently owned by the Godby Agency and is used as an apartment house.